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I hope you enjoy the crap I wrote. New updates should be coming monthly, though I make no guarantees.

Even if you’ve read some of these in the past, you may want to re-read, as they’re being cleaned up as I post them. Again. For the last time.

Obviously I need help with the summaries. I suck at them. As always, comments, suggestions, complaints, death threats, et cetera are welcome. Updates below (most recent at the top).


Gathered Flowers Chapter Three: The Mentalist

I no longer have a real job, so here's the next chapter. It's only been one year, three months, and fourteen days since the last chapter.

Chapter four of Gathered Flowers is up.


Gathered Flowers Chapter Two: 7 Days

Far too long for an update, but I have a real job now, and I suck at time management.

So here's the next chapter of Gathered Flowers. I hope you enjoy it.



After weeks of work and months of procrastination, the newly redesigned writings area is up! Enjoy! (But not too much.)

This is a much more radical redesign than I had in mind, but I think I’m going to like it. If I can get it to work the way I want, that is… I do have contingencies, however. The square peg goes where I say it goes.

That ink came out freaking gorgeous. Didn’t it? And those titles! At first I was sad that I lost a font (seriously, how does that happen?), but I like the new ones better now. I mean, that’s my actual handwriting; how cool is that?


Short: Flight Over the Flatlands

What is it?! You figure it out.


Gathered Flowers: Dreams

A young lad is weirded out by what he discovers about himself. Then other things happen.


Tvx: Assault

It’s gon’ git ’im.


Tvx: Book I: Escape

An overview of the war and what happened during the intervening ten years.


Tvx: Prologue

Oh noes! War were declared!


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